Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Today was less productive on coding, starting preparation on other portions.

+ Managed to get a project page up. This one wouldnt win any web design awards tho.
+ Did misc administration, categorizing and feature selection/cleanup of the "pyfilesync" project on BerliOS proper. Finally managed to get anonymous SVN access working, the SVN feature has to be enabled (only CVS is enabled by default) for the project. So.... I can create an SVN repository, populate it and share its contents with team members with the SVN feature disabled, but anonymous SVN access, now that requires enabling the feature.... intuitive?
+ Looking at File Modules and Releases on BerliOS next
+ Reading on setuptools and reStruturedText for packaging and documentation
+ Testing and debugging (still trying to get DAVExplorer to work with locks)

University starts next week, just chose my modules today, and I am already planning on skipping classes :)

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