Saturday, August 06, 2005

Week 5: Ends

So ends Week 5.

Posted on the litmus mailing list for some strange results I was getting, seems like I got the locks/If-header handling part wrong (again!). Thanks to Julian Reschke who has been answering a lot of my queries on the specification on and lists


Win XP Network Places still refuses to recognize the webdav server, but thankfully I googled first before jumping in with the gearbox, there is a thread and some resources that address this problem in depth:

Have the modules moderately documented and cooking up some standalone documentation.

At my mentor's suggestion I looked up setuptools, which is much easier to use than distutils. I like to think I got a working cooked up, but I have not tested it yet.

In miscellaneous refactoring and renaming to be compliant with PEP-8, I had to rename some of my files and directories to fully lowercase. While CVS and SVN both do not allow case only renames, SVN at least has a standard workaround. SVN is fully updated with the latest code.

All the CVS workarounds that I managed to google did not work out, so I am abandoning the CVS repository. The current version has the tree wiped and CVS anonymous access has been disabled.

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