Monday, August 08, 2005

Week 6

WebDAV functionality

Locks - Done. Working with both litmus and DAVExplorer. DAVExplorer tends to be a tad buggy in this respect. After a while it seems to forget that the resource is locked and does not submit a If header - has to be 'reminded' by locking/unlocking.

XP WebDAV support - works. Earlier today I was able to mount it on my Network Places, browse the filespace, read files, copy files from local drive onto the filespace, create folders, move/copy files within the filespace, delete files. Will continue to play with it. There does not appear to be a locking functionality.

cadaver - will be tested soon, but I don't really expect any major hiccups.

What's next?

Initial File Release (I just want to release something). And then:

A lot of cleaning code:
+ Setting a proper verbose option and removing all the out-of-place-for-debugging print statements
+ I need to figure out how logging is used (logging the standard module), and if it is something that should be standardize within my code
+ Catch "Software Caused Connection Abort" exceptions and stop them from spamming the screen and drowning real exceptions. They are thrown when the client closes the connection even before the whole response is transmitted, since the response code is the first thing it gets - and needs. Quite the literal slamming down the phone before the other side has finished his piece, but its also quite common. :)

Better structuring:
+ Cleaning up the locks manager interface. Right now its a mess of functions defined and named at-hoc.
+ If time permits, I like to make another set of locksmanager, propertymanager, domaincontroller, this time based on a database (probably dbm). I am slightly unhappy with the performance and usability of the existing shelve components

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