Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Project: HTTP Status

+ HTTP functions: OPTIONS,HEAD,GET,POST(modified GET),PUT

Working On:
+ Partial Ranges for GET
+ Conditionals: If-Modified-Since, If-Unmodified-Since, If-Range, If-Matched, etc

On the shelf:
+ MD5, encryption
+ Partial Ranges for PUT (currently returns 501 Not Implemented)
+ Conditionals for PUT

To Clarify:
+ if TRACE is implemented by the web server, rather than the application
+ if Content-* headers are applicable to the entity UPLOADED by PUT, that is, if a PUT entity could be under Content-Encoding: gzip and how the application should react.

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Mervyn Yeo said...

Impressive. Your the only Singaporean in Google's Summer of Code.