Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Refactoring was the order of the day, including getting rid of some out-of-the-way customizations like POSTing to get directory lists. Moved things around and cleaned it up, essentially

PROPPATCH is also working, even if the property value is specified in XML substructures.

Added support for the If header in webDAV. Improved support for the HTTP range header to consolidate multiple-overlapping ranges into a single range - left over from TODO.

Question: General confusion over whether the If header should apply to PROPFIND, and whether the HTTP If-Match/If-Modified-Since conditionals should apply to PROPFIND, and how If and HTTP Ifs would apply to the webDAV methods if multiple files are involved.
I have posted to the W3C Dist Authoring working group to ask for clarifications.

This week code will flow slightly slower since the summer course is holding exams (and I am cramming for it)

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