Saturday, July 16, 2005

Weekend again!

Week 2 is over and coding is progressing. Hope I am going along at a reasonable speed at least.

Thanks to my mentor who pointed out that webDAV servers do support Basic. The spec mentions that webDAV servers should support Digest but I missed the fact that they can also support Basic (especially over SSL). I have done both basic and digest, right now it is standalone module (in but digest would be a great addition to paste.login once I figure out how to put it in with the cookies portion.

Application configuration is currently done in a python syntax file PyFileServer.conf - similar to server.conf and I also use paste.pyconfig to read it.

GZip is still unsupport on content-encoding level.

There were some changes in case naming conventions to match PEP-8. Indentation has to be changed but I will write a script to do that later.

Starting next week I will look at some sort of server session storage, for both locking support and dead properties.

Code repositories

There were some problems with the code repositories, after I tried to make some changes in case to the files. CVS doesnt do it very well, and still does not accept the fact that I've renamed to (even after delete-commit-update-add-commit-update). I've requested for a complete wipe of CVS so that I can check-in everything again from scratch.
Update: I just got this idea. If the CVS problem doesn't get dealt with by BerliOS soon I'll just rename one of the top level directories to something else, that should constitute as a total re-add of my code files. Either way, I lose all that versioning information.

SVN, well anonymous checkout isn't working for some reason:
$ svn checkout svn://
svn: Can't open file '/svnroot/repos/pyfilesync/format': Permission denied

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pravin said...

Were you able to solve this problem? I have the exact same problem and I'm tearing my hair apart on this one