Thursday, July 07, 2005

Project: WebDAV

After initial discussion with my mentor:
* While so far I have been working on the HTTP protocol, perhaps WebDAV is a better system to based off. Its a superset of HTTP but contains more extensions specific to management of files on web servers. Taking some time to read the WebDAV specification.
* Looking at the scope introduced, concentration on the server component is probably best. There would be a skeletal client for testing, in conjunction with any WebDAV test suite used.
* Full time effort is definitely demanded. I tend to work in burst mode myself - getting a lot of production code done (in my perspective) in a few days and falling back to code experimentations for a few days later, but hopefully that gets averaged out. Starting might be slow since it runs with a concurrent summer course till end July
* Writing tests even while coding.

WebDAV test suite:
* litmus:

Other WebDAV resources:
* akaDAV (in development) :

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