Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Third Week Starts

Property Library
Spent some time yesterday looking at shelve and related modules for a persistent store of dead properties and locks. I put together a property library using shelve, but had some problems placing the initialization and saving of the library to persistent store as the server tends to result in multiple initialization of the application, and no fixed deallocator (atexit does not work since os_exit() is used for restarting).

Current implementation is a library to initialies on first request (using threading to protect from concurrent initializations) and syncs after every write. The file lock should be released automatically when the process terminates.

Installed PyXML and started work on PROPFIND, which is working. Will link it to the main application once PROPPATCH is also working. Depth support is present.

Both repositories are up to date. I modified the top level directory name of the CVS repository to refresh it. "thirdparty" probably should be removed, it contains code that was referenced but not actually included.

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