Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Project: Week 2 Commences

Project Organization
The BerliOS account finally got through! I tried to set up my account all Monday, but apparently their server went down. They just set up an emergency one and its running fine.

CVS was a piece of cake. Install TortoiseCVS, put in the SSH magic bits, and code was up in a few seconds: http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?group_id=1&docid=25888#top
SVN took more trouble. http://tortoisesvn.sourceforge.net/?q=node/5 is a guide, but I had to play around with bits and pieces before everything fell into place.

I will probably stick with SVN and delete the CVS repository (when I get around to it) or update both. I work off a development local copy anyway.
For anonymous access to the project: svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/pyfilesync

Web page for the project hasn't started. It would just be a description and a link to this site.

A bit slow. There were a couple of false starts, like time wasted on figuring out the mechanics of Python (returning a function callable vs the result of the call, defining application as a function vs as an object), but its all sorted out now. Finishing off the HTTP spec and starting on the WebDAV spec this week.

Some of the things, like MD5 digest and encryption, has been postponed in favor of the WebDAV implementation. MD5 is a dilemma. Because the header goes before the content, calculating and sending the md5 means either compressing and reading the file twice (once just to get the MD5, once to send it), caching/buffering (in memory the entire contents to be sent) or some sort of temporary file buffering.

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